UAPMediaKit Interview on CTV news, July 2020

UAP’s confirmed by US Gov’t

After over 70 years, the United States government has confirmed that UAP’s are a genuine phenomenon.

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US Navy updates UAP reporting

After consulting with US Navy pilots, viewing verified video and data, the US Navy is now taking UAP’s seriously.

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Canadian media coverage

No major Canadian news source has done a “deep dive” into this topic. You could be the first journalist to do so.

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Why this site?

In December of 2017, the New York Times published this article, exposing a previously secret program (AATIP) run out of The Pentagon, that was tasked with investigating UAP’s.

Many news organizations around the world picked-up the story. With few exceptions, none have dedicated time or resources to digging deeper into the reasons for AATIP’s existence.

There have been a few brief mentions of this in the Canadian media, but again – no journalist in Canada has put effort into finding out more about the US government’s decision to make this public. There is not a single journalist in Canada who has questioned our own government on what is known on this side of the border, or what our own military has done to match the United States’ Navy’s changes to UAP reporting guidelines and procedures.

This site exists to help any interested Canadian journalists learn more about the UAP topic, and why they should ask our own government some hard questions.

More to come

This site is a work in progress. It will evolve with updates regarding other government’s action on this topic, along with Canada’s lack of action on this topic.

If you’re a journalist who has even a passing interest in the topic, we’re here to help.